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  HOW TO COMPETE WITH A CASH BUYER    Finding your dream home is only half the battle. How do you ensure the Seller chooses your finance offer over a cash buyer?    BE PREPARED  If you are going to be financing your ...

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HOW TO PERFECT YOUR OUTDOOR SPACE   Outdoor living is just as essential as the home itself. As a result of the pandemic especially, homeowners want the ability to enjoy time outdoors. Here are a few ways to perfect your outdoor spa...

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a couple enjoying staycation at a Hotel in Florida

Great Hotels for a Fort Lauderdale Staycation

Going on a staycation is a great way to break out of your daily routine and renew your sense of wonder while living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Check into one of these prestigious hotels to gain a deeper appreciation for the “Venice of Americ...

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hopping Centers in Miami South Florida

4 Best Shopping Destinations in South Florida

South Florida is not just a sunny reprieve for snowbirds sheltering from cold winters. Its residents are some of the most well-heeled in the country. To cater to their demands, a variety of luxury brands from all over the world have anchore...

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When remodeling your home, it is important to think long term to give yourself the greatest return on your investment, especially if you may be selling in the future. Of course replacing the old carpets or painting the walls white will give t...

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Miami Students

Get To Know Miami’s Best Private Schools

Did you know that there are over 350 private schools in Miami? Most of them have strong suits to offer, but only a handful are recognized as the best private schools in the city. Here are the top five private schools in Miami. Hopefully, th...

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Beach in Florida

Five Things To Know Before Buying a Beach Home

There is nothing quite like living on the beach. Every day, you are serenaded by the waves crashing against the shore and the sound of sea birds flying by. You can sink your feet into the sand whenever you wish and refresh your eyes with pe...

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