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Multiracial group of six friends taking a selfie at graduation, in their black caps and gowns

Top-rated high schools in South Florida

There are many highly rated schools in Florida. Indeed, the state has been rated the 3rd best state in the United States when it comes to education, with pre K-12 schools, in particular, ranked at 27. South Florida has some of the best p...

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Gated Community

Advantages of living in a gated community

The southern and western areas of the United States are known to have a higher concentration of gated communities than the rest of the country, and Florida is no exception. What is it about these communities that so many find appealing? Her...

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Spring break

Best schools in Florida

If you have plans of moving to Florida with the rest of your family, you know you’re covered in terms of spectacular coastal views, great beaches, and the warm and inviting Florida lifestyle. But if your main concern is the academic oppor...

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Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida, USA

Best beaches in Fort Lauderdale

For all things fun in Fort Lauderdale, just slip on your sandals, put on some sunscreen, and head for the beach. With miles of coastline and so many awesome resorts and seaside communities to choose, finding one that appeals to you will be ...

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