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6 reasons why you should live in a gated community

An aerial view of houses of a gated community

If we are to look at real estate trends, the numbers will show an increase in the number of gated communities in the United States over the years. These same stats will reveal that 10 percent of people in the United States are now living in gated communities due to the promise of security, compared to non-gated neighborhoods.

A 2018 study by Nicholas Branic and Charis Kubrin on gated communities and crime in the United States zeroes in on this fact. There is, indeed, a correlation between the rising number of gated communities and the decrease in the perceived occurrence of crimes against persons and property. This is on top of the various lifestyle benefits residents here get to enjoy and the bragging rights of living in an exclusive community. 

Let us discuss in detail several of the conveniences a gated community can bring:

  1. Tighter security 

We already mentioned that the biggest come-on a gated community has is the security it brings. The gates are guarded by a whole squad of security guards who grant access to residents and authorized visitors only. They also have several CCTV cameras with 24-hour surveillance installed in key areas. This beefed-up security ensures that no unwelcome guests can enter your community and property at any time.

  1. Privacy

Apart from keeping intruders out, a gated community also keeps you away from random vehicles zooming through your neighborhood and basically anything else outside its walls. You can enjoy the many shared conveniences within the community away from the prying eyes of those from the outside world. 

  1. Less traffic 

Living in a gated community means minimal congestion as traffic generally only comes from residents arriving and leaving the premises. Speed limits are also reduced so streets are generally more walkable and/or bicycle-friendly. There’s less worry of children running into the streets and getting themselves hurt.

  1. Exclusivity

Let’s face it: apart from the security a gated community offers, another major attraction these provide is exclusivity. Every gated community’s homeowner’s association has certain standards that you must adhere to if you were to live comfortably within its walls. This does not simply apply to the look of your home but also to the kind of lifestyle you conform to. You must have achieved a certain social status to fit in the closely-knit community.

  1. Greener environment 

Many gated communities are well-planned to integrate nature and profit through residential areas, deluxe shared amenities, and green spaces. Streets are also usually lined with trees for shade and, more importantly, for a fresher and more oxygen-rich environment. The homes themselves are eco-friendly wonders from the materials used for construction to the energy-saving appliances installed.

The communities themselves may take part in eco-friendly initiatives to minimize carbon footprint. Some may be engaged in plastic and waste reduction schemes; others maintain vegetable gardens in common lots. 

  1. Higher property values

Due to their exclusivity and scarcity, properties in gated communities are more expensive than those in non-gated ones. Residents are also required to pay HOA fees regularly for the upkeep and maintenance of community facilities. All these will command a higher resale value than other properties. If you are looking for a worthwhile investment with high returns, consider properties in these communities. 

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