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The minimalist strives for simplicity and serenity. Minimalism elegantly combines personality with functionality. This style offers a more modern, fresh, and lighter feel to any space. Selecting a neutral color scheme and limiting pops of color to just one or two art pieces in a room can really transform the space. Ultimately, the minimalist will limit their design to just the bare essentials. Get creative with sleek storage for items you do not wish to be seen. The idea is to have only a few strategically placed items that will deliver the greatest visual impact without overwhelming the overall design of the room. Cohesive furniture placement and a toned down color scheme will offer the ultimate minimalist feel. 


For this style, think: more is less. 

The ultimate goal for a minimalist interior design is to strategically utilize just the bare essentials to deliver the greatest visual impact. This is done by choosing a very neutral, light and bright color scheme. Avoid heavy fabrics and unnatural colors/textures as this will distract the eyes and hurt the overall design of the room. The main goal here is to declutter whenever possible. Remove or “hide” as many unnecessary items as possible with sleek storage. Choose light, sheer curtains to add brightness to any space. Keep surfaces like coffee and end tables clear of any clutter. Stick to light and unobtrusive design elements. And above all, stay away from multiple vibrant, random placements of color. Instead, choose one or two art pieces as focal points versus a pop of color design wall. 




The maximalist loves color and tends to reflect the exact opposite of the minimalist. Where a minimalist would subdue the urge to add extra decor pieces, the maximalist will aim to add as much as they can to a room. They strive to use the room in the boldest of ways. This creates a very unique touch to a home’s interior design. 


For the maximalist: more is more. 

Though the maximalist believes in more is more, they aren’t necessarily advocates for clutter. Their design approach is just visually busier with pops of color, bold patterns and an abundance of creativity. Maximalist rooms are filled with interest and excessive yet curated pieces. 




Though very different from each other, these styles do not have to be mutually exclusive. If you find that your personal taste is reflected by each style then you always have the option to merge the two. You can simply choose to reflect a little more of one style than the other in every room. Changing the style as you move from one room to the next creates a unique and personalized flow through the home. 


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