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6 Top Reasons Why Investing in New Construction Is a Great Idea

Investing in a property in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Davie, FL? Here are six excellent reasons why you should choose new construction homes.

  1. They often come in great locations

    New developments and new construction homes are typically found in areas where there’s plenty of potential for growth and value appreciation. With the expected influx of new residents, sought after amenities like shopping centers, offices, and parks are also bound to rise in the area, making it more desirable to homebuyers and businesses. Some of these amenities are constructed by the developers themselves, who aim to entice buyers with a planned community lifestyle.

  2. They attract quality residents

    The select locations and new home feel are very attractive to quality home buyers or renters. These are people who put a high value in their home and community, and are more inclined to keep them as attractive and safe as possible. You can expect this group to be ideal tenants who pay their rents on time, abide by the community’s rules and regulations, and take good care of your property.

  3. They require less maintenance

    Brand new homes mean less maintenance worries for at least five years. As they haven’t been subjected to the wear and tear that older homes have seen, you won’t have to worry about the plumbing or the air conditioning breaking down, the paint peeling off, or other conditions that often affect pre-owned homes.

  4. They come with a warranty

    If problems are found in a new construction, the cost for repairs falls on the builders. As required by law, new homes come with material and construction warranties, which can last from one year to ten years. In buying the property, try to negotiate for the longest coverage to minimize your risks.

    The same goes for the appliances that come with the home. Not only are these appliances free from wear and tear, they’re also subject to factory warranties good for at least one year.

  5. They come with the latest, most sought after features

    If you invest in an older home, you will most likely need to spend on renovations to update or upgrade the property and make it more attractive to quality renters and buyers.

    New construction homes are designed to cater to the taste of homebuyers today. They’re typically built with the most sought after home features, such as open floor layouts, smart home technology, outdoor living areas, and so on. Not only do these features make the home more attractive to renters and buyers, new technological features also improve home efficiency and safety.

  6. You get excellent opportunities for a discount

    When you buy during the pre-construction or construction stage, you can get significant discounts and savings – often as much as 5% to 20% of the property’s market value when completed.

    Additionally, buying at pre-construction may allow you to customize a number of features to match your preferences. For example, you can cut down on costs if you choose vinyl over granite countertops, or manufactured wood over hardwood flooring. Look into the savings you can get by using more affordable materials and weigh that against how it may affect the desirability of the property.

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