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What to Do at a South Florida Beach All Year Long

South Florida has numerous beaches and miles upon miles of coastline on which to enjoy the sand and water almost any day of the year. And you can do more than simply sunbathing or splashing in the waves on these beaches. To change things up a bit, try other fun and exciting activities. Here are our suggestions:

Play games and sports

There are all kinds of games that you can play on the beach. The first thing that comes to mind is beach volleyball, but there’s a host of other activities, as well, including the beach version of some of your favorite board and party games. Consider the following:

  • Cricket
  • Musical towels
  • Sand darts
  • Beach scavenger hunt
  • Pictionary in the sand

Gather seashells

Take a stroll along the surf and look down as you walk. You’re bound to find plenty of seashells poking out of the sand. You might even find something a bit out of the ordinary, such as sea glass or sand dollars. You can bore tiny holes into shells and make interesting jewelry or keychain charms. You can also use the seashells to make art or simply put them in clear glass jars for an interesting centerpiece.

Have a sandcastle contest

Channel your competitive side and have a sandcastle building contest. Depending upon how many people you have, you can create teams. See who can build the best or biggest castle. Or, you can all work together to build one sandcastle. This can be an excellent family activity to bring the kids and the adults together.


All public beaches in Florida allow fishing and it’s rather common to see a few individuals casting lines. Some beaches have piers that allow you to get a little further out from the shore. You can also rent a boat for a bit of boat fishing adventure. Just make sure that you secure a fishing license before you head out.

Go for a jog

The beach provides the perfect place to go running. The sand makes it a lower impact activity than running on pavement or a treadmill. Because it’s harder to run on the sand, the beach also changes your cardio workout, making it a bit more challenging. It can help you to build strength and improve stabilization while improving your running technique. Your body uses more energy, which burns more calories. Before going on a run, don’t forget to protect yourself first. Apply plenty of sunscreen. Warm up before your jog and do cool down stretching after. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Do yoga

Bring your yoga mat out of the house or yoga studio and onto the beach. The sand can provide additional challenge to your poses as you work to find your balance in the uneven surface. The sea air provides many benefits, including
negative ions that help your body absorb oxygen easier. Salt has antibacterial properties, which can help you to recover faster. The sound of the waves and the gulls can help to deepen your relaxation during your post-yoga meditation.

Watch the sunset or sunrise

There’s nothing quite like watching the sun set from the beach. Sunsets in Florida are particularly beautiful. There are even some areas of the state that have sunset celebrations with vendors, music, and other activities. Or, if you’re an early riser, get to the beach before anyone else and watch the sunrise.

All these invigorating activities make living in a South Florida beach community truly unparalleled. If you’re looking for a home in the area, we at The Connie Cabral Team are the Realtors to call. Get in touch with us today at 305.776.0899 or at connie(at)conniecabral(dotted)com.