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The Wealthiest Zip Code in the Nation 

Photo Sourced from Miami Residence



The Wealthiest Zip Code in the Nation 


Ever wondered where the most exclusive, wealthiest zip code in the nation was located?

Look no further than South Florida’s very own coast line. Nestled alongside the infamous Biscayne Bay proudly stands roughly 216 acres of the nation’s richest real estate. 

Designed to function as a utopian society, the island is strategically equipped with luxurious amenities including restaurants, a golf course, private beach, exclusive club, hotel and much more.


Expect to see residents and island staff members alike travel via golf carts as these ergonomic vehicles make transportation on the island a stress free experience. Fortunately, this only adds to the luxurious ambiance and tropical nature of the island as riders can experience the natural wildlife through these doorless vessels.

Though Fisher Island is located minutes from the mainland, the only way to get there is by 24 HR ferry or private yacht. The island strictly allows only residents and their guests, hotel guests, and employees to dock its borders. Notably, Miami Beach, South Beach and iconic Miami destinations are within minutes from the shoreline. 


This extravagant paradise offers elegance, status and functionality. Elite residents can permanently reside on this self-sustaining island. Everything needed to live an extremely comfortable life can be found here. Among those that own property are Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Boris Becker and various other well known individuals.


Cost of living on this tropical oasis is certainly anything but average. According to the Seattle Times, equity membership requires a “$250,000 contribution with annual dues of nearly $20,000”. 


Home to the historic Vanderbilt mansion, this census designated sanctuary has been recorded to have the highest income per capita making it the wealthiest zip code in the country. Quite fitting as the Vanderbilt Family is considered to be one of the earliest and wealthiest American families. 

Fisher Island serves as a sanctuary to those wanting a peaceful and extraordinary place to call home.


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