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The 5 top advantages of buying a new construction home

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While buyers do have the choice to purchase a move-in ready luxury home, condo, or estate, new construction homes may prove to be one of the best investments in the long run. Thanks to modern design and technological innovations, today’s new construction homes in Florida offer more perks than ever before.

Here are some of the best advantages:

  1. Customization

    The majority of home builders in Miami allow buyers to customize select features of their new construction home – from layout to appliances to paint colors and flooring. Thus, what would’ve been a cookie-cutter home in a new neighborhood or subdivision, becomes distinctly your own, and optimized to suit your lifestyle.

  2. Warranties

    In a new construction home, the warranties start from the closing date of the home. As such, appliances and fixtures in your home will be covered for a year – or up to 20 years for roofing systems and structural components like the foundation.

    This is definitely a huge advantage over buying a pre-owned home, which may reveal issues following a home inspection. More than the cost, the time and effort it takes to undertake repairs may not be worth the trouble, especially if you plan to occupy the property as soon as possible.

  3. Energy costs

    Contemporary homes have been designed to be much more energy efficient than the homes of the past. New construction homes are built with higher-efficiency insulation, which helps prevent air conditioning from escaping. This results in your home staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter without overloading your HVAC systems, consequently saving on energy costs.

    Additionally, new homes can be equipped with energy-efficient appliances and fixtures such as inverter refrigerators and air conditioners, solar panels, and more.

  4. Less maintenance

    When you purchase a new construction home, you don’t have to worry about repairs, especially as you’re armed with a warranty. All systems and fixtures are brand new and built to updated codes. Additionally, newer homes require less maintenance, thanks to contemporary home designs that prioritize efficiency and durability. Newer, state-of-the art building products and materials also require less care and upkeep.

  5. Access to innovative tech

    While it’s possible to retrofit an old home with new tech – high-performance windows, solar panels, smart features – it may prove costlier compared to a new construction home equipped with updated features from the get-go.

    Additionally, the most desirable luxury home must-haves such as spa bathrooms and a built-in wireless home automation system won’t always be possible without a major renovation. In a new construction home, you can ask your builder to install state-of-the-art circuit breakers or triple-paned windows in their building plans.

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