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Finding your dream home is only half the battle. How do you ensure the Seller chooses your finance offer over a cash buyer? 



If you are going to be financing your purchase, make sure that you have your pre-approval letter from your mortgage lender ready. This will show the Seller that you have the means to afford their home and are a strong contender. To further prove to the Seller that there won’t be any financing problems, get underwritten. This process is typically long and arduous but can be a stronger sign of commitment than a pre-approval letter. These are called DU letters and stand as proof that the lender has everything they need to provide you with the loan.



First impressions matter. Prior to submitting your offer, have your real estate advisor speak with the Seller to discuss their needs. This can help you determine how firm the Seller is on their asking price. Perhaps, the Seller wants a quicker closing, post-occupancy or shorter inspection period. By including these factors in your offer, you create a better first impression and become a stronger contender against cash buyers in the bid for the home. 

No Seller wants to revert back to square one after having their property tied up in a bad deal. Stay By limiting the number of repairs you ask for, you can make your offer more attractive to the Seller. 

Submit your best offer. Discuss with your real estate agent to determine the best offer you can provide. You want to make your offer as attractive to the Seller as possible so that they do not choose a cash offer over yours. If you really love the home, be sure to come in with your strongest offer to assure yourself the best chance possible. 



Sellers are people too. It’s sometimes a good idea to write a letter of interest on your behalf to the Seller to describe who you are, why you are moving and why you would love to purchase the home.  Appeal to their emotions. This may help sway the Seller into selecting your offer. In addition, it creates a more personalized touch that other offers may not have. This is helpful when trying to distinguish yourself from cash buyers. 


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