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Best schools in Florida

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If you have plans of moving to Florida with the rest of your family, you know you’re covered in terms of spectacular coastal views, great beaches, and the warm and inviting Florida lifestyle. But if your main concern is the academic opportunities of your children, the Sunshine State has that covered, too.

We’ve gone through numerous reviews from students, parents, and professionals to find you the absolute best schools in Florida.

  1. Pompano Beach High School

    According to a U.S. News and World Report assessment of public schools in Florida, Pompano Beach High School is one of the best Broward County schools. It is also the 19th best high school in the state and the 189th best in the nation. Pompano Beach High School boasts reading and mathematical proficiency far above the district and state average. PBHS also scores high in CAT/SAT test scores, graduation rate, and college preparedness. But more than anything, this school shines most in catering to underprivileged students. Every student here is granted equal treatment and opportunity, no matter what their race, background or economic status is.

  2. City of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School

    Another fine example of a trusted academic institution in Broward County is the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School. PPCMS does more than prepare students for the future – it lays the groundwork for strong communities. Alongside its high marks in testing and overall student experience, PPCMS offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities and clubs to keep students busy. In doing so, they grow in a safe environment where they can pursue their interests and further their education on their own terms.

  3. Somerset Miramar South K-5

    Somerset Miramar South K-5 is one of the highest-rated elementary schools in Broward County and in the rest of Florida. The school has high expectations for its wards, which is why the latest student population here is set at 182. This group comes from diverse cultural and financial backgrounds and exposes students to the world around them at a young age.

    In terms of learning, SMS has exceptionally high rates of proficiency in mathematics and English. On average, these young people perform better each year as they progress through the system. With the small student population comes a more personalized learning experience for the students and more direct consultation with teachers. If you want to give your child’s a competitive start under the guidance of a superior teaching staff, SMS may be what you’re looking for.

  4. Riverglades Elementary School

    Parents looking for a larger Pre-K through Grade 5 experience may want to send their children to Riverglades Elementary School. With a student population at 1,000, children will have the chance to interact, socialize, and exchange ideas a more diverse set of people. The quality of learning does not suffer despite the relatively big number of enrollees. RES has high marks similar to others on this list. Combine this with a friendly teaching staff that encourages involvement from parents and you have the obvious reason why RES has earned such praise.

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