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Advantages of living in a gated community

Gated Community

The southern and western areas of the United States are known to have a higher concentration of gated communities than the rest of the country, and Florida is no exception. What is it about these communities that so many find appealing? Here are some of their biggest draws.

Better security

The biggest selling point of any gated community is its heightened levels of security compared to that of standard neighborhoods. These communities have their own private security teams working 24/7 all year. That way, residents can always feel safe in their homes and in their communities. Those living in that community are the only ones allowed inside. Residents’ visitors have to wait for clearance from the security personnel before they can enter.

This procedure of screening the inflow of people in these gated communities does a lot in lowering crime rates across the board. If you’ve ever lived in a big city or in a particularly bad neighborhood, raising a family in such conditions can be harrowing at the least. In this respect, gated communities offer peace of mind.

Sweet, sweet silence

The private nature of gated communities means they are built far from heavy-traffic roads. The relative seclusion shields residents from the typical street traffic noise that could sometimes go past 55 decibels and become a risk to their health.

No “bad apples”

Because they are viewed as luxurious living solutions, gated communities can be quite exclusive about people who want to move in. This is because all residents are expected to meet certain community standards for them to stay there. Those standards are outlined by each community’s homeowners’ association. Members of the community who refuse to follow the HOA rules are quickly reprimanded and, if they continue to do so, can be weeded out.

On-site recreation and relaxation

To provide even more value to its residents, gated communities often include community-shared gyms, dining facilities, pools, spas, golf courses, tennis courts, and other amenities. Such facilities are open only to residents and are within the confines of the community itself for additional privacy.

High property values

Many of the homes built within gated communities have enough wiggle room both inside and outside. Even if these tend to be built uniformly, residents take pride in this luxury and exert efforts to maintain the upkeep of their property. Plus, the earlier-mentioned factors here contribute to the higher-than-average selling price of homes in gated communities. However, these properties still make for viable investments in the long run because their value will continue to increase over time.

Gated communities in Florida have the added benefit of having the state’s natural beauty as a backdrop. For the best options, look to gated communities in Cooper City, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale for the best quality of living, a wider variety of job opportunities, and nationally-recognized education programs to round out the wonderful experience of living in a gated community. Call me, Connie Cabral, at 305-776-0899 or email me at Connie(at)ConnieCabral(dotted)com. Let my team help you in getting that prestigious address.

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