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10 Tips for Moving to Miami

Over 300,000 new residents move to Florida every year. It’s expected that over 22 Million people will live in Florida by 2022!

Living in Miami is like living in paradise, but there are a few things you should know about moving here.

Sell Your Winter Clothes

Maybe save a coat for when you visit your family, but you don’t need winter clothes here. Keep your rain boots and jacket, your denim and a few light sweaters for breezy winter mornings, but you don’t need a distinctive winter wardrobe.

Have Your Transportation Figured Out Before Your Move

Traffic in Miami is pretty intense. It’s congested here and public transit isn’t the most reliable. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing an area to relocate to. Miami is a lot bigger than people realize, if your job is a 30-minute drive away, your commute will probably take longer. A car is pretty much a must.

Air Conditioning is Essential

Miami’s year-round humidity average is 73%, and on sunny, hot days it can be a lot days it can feel overwhelming. Air conditioning is the most comfortable relief from the heat. It’s important to remember that Miami is in what’s considered to be a tropical monsoon climate.

Tú Hablas Español?

Knowing some basics will help you out a lot in Miami. There are over two million Spanish speakers throughout Miami-Dade County, that’s over half of the entire population! Unlike some parts of the country, lingual diversity is generally accepted here.

We’re a No Income Tax State

That’s right, we don’t do income tax here, what you’re paid is what you get. Some say that salaries are somewhat lower than compared to other cities, compared to the cost of living, but they are tax-free.

Know What Your Home Insurance Policy Covers

There’s a lot of wind and rain during hurricane season (which is June through November, don’t schedule your move then). Don’t assume that because you live in Florida that you’re covered. Insurance companies specify if damage caused by wind and flooding are covered.

Storms and Hurricanes Won’t Trigger Fear in You After a While

There are about 10 tropical storms every year that the national news will track and engage the general population with. But only a portion of those become legitimate hurricanes, of those about one makes its way to Miami every year or two, and each one isn’t a catastrophic disaster. But storms and knowing how to prepare will be part of your life.

We Have Different Critters Here

With a tropical climate comes more animal life than most places. In Miami, you’ll share the city with Green iguanas, Palmetto bugs, raccoons and Southern black racers. Our waterways are teeming with life, from crocodiles, alligators, turtles, sharks and hundreds of varieties of fish and invertebrates.

A Lot of People are Really into Fitness

You might be surprised by the level that some people take fitness to in Miami. The Miami version of “ripped” and the rest of the country’s version are very distinctive.

Know that Miami is Always “On”

People in Miami might not always be on time, but it’s probably because they are constantly hustling from one thing to the next. Although there is beach life, it’s not really a “chill” kind of place. People work hard here.

Are you making the move? Get the guidance of a local who’s called South Florida home for 20 years! Click here to contact Connie!